No matter what level athlete you are, you'll reach your goals with our group fitness classes, training, and tribe philosophy. Our fitness programming follows group based strength and conditioning training similar to what an elite athlete would follow with their coaches and trainers.

Strength and Conditioning for all athletes

A strength and conditioning-based class for the everyday athlete. It encompasses the five pillars of fitness; strength, power, speed, endurance, and agility. This class is designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercise and cardiorespiratory health through various conditioning styles. All major muscle groups are worked from head to toe.

Game Day for Our Everyday Athlete

This class focuses on accountability in a fun, team-style workout. Bodyweight movements, barbells, kettlebells, sprints, bands, jumping, jump ropes, and rowing are combined in a high-intensity strength and conditioning workout. This class resembles our weekly programming methods in a team-oriented atmosphere.

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