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House of Athlete is dedicated to improving both Mental and Physical Fitness for today's athletes.

We believe being an athlete isn't just about your physical ability or competitive performance—but also about being consistent and committed to a routine, which helps optimize performance in every area of life.

“A lot of people focus on the big issues and overlook the fundamentals of health. House of Athlete gives people the opportunity to optimize their health and performance by focusing on the fundamentals and building a lifestyle out of that.”

Brandon Marshall,

Founder & CEO

“This line is an extension of who I am as a person and the values that matter to me. I’m someone who values quality over quantity, morals over popularity, and details over mediocrity. House of Athlete Apparel embodies the essence of who I am and what I believe in while dressing every individual in their totality, not just one body type, an image of beauty or characteristic of personality. I intend to meet every person where they are no matter their desire.”

Michi Nogami-Marshall,

Chief Creative Officer

A healthy lifestyle thrives when intention meets action. To unlock our full potential, we believe we must build these intentions and actions around our five pillars. Our goal is to help turn these pillars into daily habits in order to lead us to become our best selves.


We train like the pros. We don't follow trends and fads. We follow the standard set by professional athletes and deserved by every athlete.


70% of results come from how we approach our plate and overall nutrition.

Mental Fitness
Mental Fitness

Life and sport are 80% mental. We believe mental fitness is what separates good from great. Our athletes are propelled toward their greatest through classes and services that connect mind and body.


Our facilities are built to build athletes up. Every House is fully integrated with everything an athlete needs to recover from yesterday before crushing tomorrow.


An athlete might come into the House alone, but every athlete becomes part of something bigger. We put team first in everything we do.

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