Mental Fitness Pillar

The mental fitness pillar at House of Athlete represents the importance of including our mind and mental health as part of total body fitness. To lead a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle it is necessary to care for our minds as much as we are for our bodies. Life and sport are 80% mental. We believe mental fitness is what separates good from great.

Our athletes are propelled toward their greatest through classes and services that connect mind and body. House of Athlete has joined forces with Partners in Change to bring this inclusive, first-of-its-kind experience to HOA members.

Mental Fitness Class

The Mental Fitness class focuses on attending to your state of mind and emotional balance as a key strategy to implement and optimize performance in fitness and everyday life. Implementing talk therapy, relaxation strategies, and other performance tools, Mental Fitness addresses individual challenges and stressors in a group setting to foster support, skill strengthening, and a sense of Tribe.

Therapy Sessions

We all struggle with ups and downs throughout life; individual therapy can focus on helping you achieve balance. We offer a warm and open environment to allow you to explore your relationships with others and with yourself safely. Individual sessions can be helpful for children, teens, and adults, whether struggling with stress, family problems, academic difficulties, grief, depression, or another issue; individual therapy may be beneficial for you. Individual therapy can also help you set goals, find more meaning in your life, or increase overall wellness.

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