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Brandon Marshall: 'I Approach Business Like I Did My Time in the NFL'

House of Athlete Plus (HOA+) brings the athlete lifestyle to a the masses.

Tom Brady’s TB12 and Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete Unite to Empower Athletes to Live Injury Free and Perform at Their Best

Brandon Marshall joins CBS to talk about ongoing concerns surrounding athletes' mental health and how his app, House of Athlete Plus (HOA+), aims to help.

Former NFL Star Brandon Marshall delivers pro-athlete level fitness with the HOA+ App

House of Athlete launches Fitness app. HOA+ will provide fitness classes, healthy recipes, mental health initiatives and so much more.

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After his last NFL training camp, Kofi Hughes was in crisis. He didn’t know who he was anymore. Everyone knew him as a *the* local Indianapolis football star, but in reality, he wasn’t even thinking about the game. Kofi was suffering from mental illness and addiction, and spent his days in darkness. And without football in his life, he didn’t know who he was. But after moving to a new, smaller city and rediscovering his faith, Kofi’s transformed his life. Get to know Kofi, the trainer, business owner, and artist. Football player, who?

Kofi Hughes

"The Visionary"

When sh*t hits the fan, Bonnie Humphrey’s keeps it real. What else would you expect from a girl out of Brooklyn? As a Chief-of-Staff to C-suite executives during the day, in the company meetings she runs, there’s little time for bickering over issues. In Bonnie’s world, any problem can be figured out. There’s always a solution. Just stay calm and focused — an even-keel attitude goes far. So get ready to enter her orbit and find a way forward.

Bonnie Humpherys

"The Team Captain"

Amanda Rey sees it all. With the right combination of Zodiac signs, a psychology background, and a naturally deep understanding of the human psyche, she just gets it. She also, quite literally, sees it all — as someone with synesthesia, Amanda sees colors and temperatures when listening to music, and uses her workout tunes to tell a visual fitness story. Want to know what’s up with Amanda? Just ask what’s next on her playlist.

Amanda Rey

"The Composer"

Caught in a turbulent lifestyle as a young adult, Mara Olney’s true defining moment didn’t come until she had her son at 22 years old. And with that, as a new mom, her headspace changed. Inspired to live for her child and not just herself, Mara quit drinking, discovered yoga training and teaching, and developed her own voice on and off the mat. Living beyond what she thought she would be defined by, Mara’s spark is shining brighter and brighter every day. Just see for yourself.

Mara Olney

"Ms. Independent"

Growing up, Maya Evans was the girl in her small Wilson, North Carolina town. State champion. Prom queen. Always out and about in the community. But underneath all of that, Maya suffered from depression and anxiety. Determined to help herself, she studied Psychology and set herself on a path to help others heal as well. Ultimately, as Maya likes to say, “everything you need is inside you.” Just take it from the girl out of Wilson.

Maya Evans

"The Self-Starter"

In your presence, Tylan Martin is remarkably present — even if you’re not. After all, his sneaker game and tattoos would grab anyone’s attention at first. But beyond being a good listener, Tylan feels like instant family. It comes naturally though, because he believes that the energy you put out into the world, you get back from others. With an easy ear and a passionate heart, it’s hard not to get swept up in his love for art, design, and rich storytelling.

Tylan Martin

"The Big Bro"

Keith Carlos went through hell and back growing up, but even after getting out and going on to play in the NFL and win America’s Next Top Model, he’s still that class clown who loves a well-timed fart prank. Although he’s seriously unserious when he’s hanging out with friends and family, Keith views everyone’s unique talents as serious responsibilities. So when it’s time to perform under pressure, it’s no joke — there are diamonds out there to forge.

Keith Carlos

"The Varsity Star"

Angel puts her stamp on everything she does. Growing up in Minnesota, Angel used movement to express her immense creativity and open her mind. Her dance career took her to LA where she was able to push the boundaries as a multifaceted artist and performer. A known perfectionist with attention to detail, Angel leads FLEX+, a one-of-a-kind stretching and mobility course.

Angelicca Cecere

"The Creative"

As a former professional dancer, Alex Lyons knows a thing or two about preparation for performance. Now as a trainer, it’s still all in the setup. Guiding her fitness classes through with a nonchalant attitude and quick jokes, it’s always a shock — a “big reveal” as she says — when everyone gets through the toughest exercises after being put at ease with her dry humor. But to get to the big reveal moment, you need to set yourself up for it. And that’s where you’ll find Alex’s craft come alive — and sometimes when you least expect it too.

Alex Lyons

"The Natural"

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