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Rolex Gmt-Master II is the most popular model, 116710, 126710 blnr, it can be said that no matter what age you are, you can control them! These blue-black, blue-red, brown-black ceramic bezels are their biggest feature. With the continuous improvement of replica watches manufacturing technology, the ceramic bezel technology of Rolex Batman Super Clone is close to perfect, almost exactly the same as real rolex!

blue Gmt-Master II 116710 replica watch
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Their size is the same as that of the Submariner series. They are both 40mm. The biggest feature is the color matching ceramic rings made of high-tech that are conspicuous at a glance. The firing of such two-color ceramic rings is very difficult because it needs to control the "two The color of different colors" and "the boundary between colors".

green Gmt-Master II 116710 replica watch
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The classic Rolex Oyster dial layout is sturdy and durable and highly ornamental. The blue triangle pointer is the GMT pointer, which points to the display time of the second time zone, which is quickly adjusted by the independent pointer.

red Gmt-Master II 116710 replica watch

The engraved logo on the Rolex Batman Super Clone is clearly visible on the crown, the teeth on the bottom cover are neat and moderate in depth, the shell is processed with exquisite wire drawing, and the corners are polished smoothly.

Gmt-Master II 116710, 126710 replica watches have a dense bottom on the back. The bottom cover is drawn very finely, and the pits are neatly polished and have the same depth. The seagull 2836 is equipped with a 3186 automatic mechanical movement. The overall reduction degree is extremely high, the function is consistent with the genuine gmt, and the time is accurate and stable.

Their straps use a five-bead chain with an Oyster buckle. The inside of the buckle is polished very finely and the lettering is clear.

five-bead oyster straps

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