What brand of watches do the male friends around you wear? Does anyone wear super replica watches? Is there a good store recommendation?

There are many young men or men who like to pursue fashion around me. They all need to wear a watch to highlight their taste. The point of wearing it is to let others look at him with admiration and make beautiful women. We all gathered around automatically. Therefore, a watch suitable for fashionable men must first have a strong appearance and aura. While the appearance is cool, the manufacturing process of replica watches also needs the highest, otherwise the women who have been found out will find it very embarrassing!

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The number one brand most popular with fashionable men is RICHARD MILLE, which was booming a while ago. The barrel-shaped shell is highly recognizable. If you add a skull, a shell with a special texture, and a BlingBling diamond, the price can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, which will definitely make people envy. . These high-quality richard mille replica watches are actually very rare!

The second brand, HUBLOT, is a brand that is very good at marketing and packaging. They are very successful in cooperation and limited editions. The black and gold color scheme is too cool, and they also cooperate with Ferrari. Just imagine if you drive Ferrari, with a Ferrari limited edition watch, this inadvertent coincidence is really the master of the master, wearing it shows that you are a person of taste.

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Richard Mille, Hublot, Rolex, Patek Philippe are all very expensive. Where do fashionable men buy them?
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The Rolex that everyone is familiar with is also to be pushed, but fashionable men usually dont wear Submariners. Many of them will choose Sky-Dweller. Although everyone knows Rolex, it doesnt seem to be great, but the current most complicated feature is the halo With blessings, you will have all the face and face. Or they will choose the GMT Master II platinum model and the SARU full of red and blue diamonds, which will definitely make them different!

Patek Philippe is a traditional brand, and there are not many styles suitable for the younger generation. However, Nautilus 5711 and 5712 are becoming more and more popular, and the 5980 looks good with a belt. Especially the 5712 has no discontinuation and no limit, so these are the favorites of men who pursue fashion!

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