youth soccer fitness training program


We understand the demands necessary to become a dominant soccer player. At House of Athlete, we design comprehensive individualized programs for each athlete. Our understanding of the need to change speeds quickly, combined with quick change of direction, allows us to create the best game plan for soccer players to dominate their completion.

Tactics we use to train the top soccer players of all ages:

  • Lower body explosiveness to improve acceleration.
  • Three-to-five step rapid responsiveness for change of direction.
  • Speed and endurance for game stamina.
  • First step quickness and reaction for defending and attacking.
  • Balance and stability.
  • Functional/foundational strength for reduction of fatigue and injury.
  • Recovery/regeneration.
  • Making athletes better at the movement patterns/energy systems soccer players utilize.

Soccer Training PDF


Notice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will be temporarily closing our House of Athlete facility.
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