Sports Recovery


At House of Athlete, we believe that restoration is an important piece of the puzzle for optimizing performance. As much as the body needs exercise to improve strength and performance, it also needs adequate time to recuperate from intense training. At House of Athlete Restoration we treat everyone from youth athletes to adult with the same restoration techniques used with our professional athletes.

We believe that every athlete is different. Certain factors such as sport, training volume, age, and goals help guide our plan for each athlete’s restoration. Through evaluation and discussion with our sports performance trainers we develop individualized restoration plans to ensure that each athlete is performing at optimal levels.

Train like a pro, recover like a pro! To stay healthy, most professional athletes have the benefit of state of the art equipment and healthcare professionals to provide injury evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. That professional treatment is now brought directly to you at House of Athlete. Come in and meet our on-site Athletic Trainer where he can provide you with the highest level of treatment, previously only available to professional athletes.

Athletic Training Services

Athletic Training Session: 1-Hour session with our AT Knowing that athletes need to quickly get back to training, a session with our on-site Certified Athletic Trainer includes injury evaluation of acute and overuse injuries as well as treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment sessions may consist of a customized combination of therapeutic exercise, massage, manual therapy, cupping, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, taping, or ultrasound. Each patient also receives a Home Exercise Program to maximize their healing outside of the facility. Athletic Performance Stretch Session: 15-minutes Athletic Performance Stretch Session: 30-minutes Stretching before training can help increase blood flow to the body, prepare the muscles for activity, and allow joints to move smoothly through their normal range of motion. Stretching after training can help relax muscles, decrease soreness, and improve flexibility. An Athletic Performance Stretching Session includes various types of stretching including static, dynamic, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). Cupping: 15-minute session Cupping has been a treatment method used in eastern medicine for centuries. Cupping helps remove stagnant blood in the areas between skin and muscle that is present from previous injury or spasm. Once stagnant blood is eliminated, nutrient rich blood can enter the area and provide healing and recovery. What to Expect: The clinician will first evaluate the area being treated. They will then place the cup on your skin, and then place a small pump to the cup to cause suction. With the suction you may feel pressure under the cup but it should not be painful. The clinician may leave the cups in place or may move the cups forming a gentle massage in the area. Game Ready: 20-minute session Combining cryotheapy with intermittent compression, Game Ready is an efficient way to treat acute or chronic conditions as well as recover after training. Game Ready is joint specific meaning that will treat aching or tired joints such as the ankle, knees, shoulders or elbow. Game Ready uses cryotherapy to decrease pain and reduce swelling and intermittent compression to push swelling out of the area and bring in nutrients for recovery. What to Expect: The clinician will fill the Game ready with cold water and ice. They will then place a sleeve around the affected body part. The cold water in the Game Ready will circulate throughout the sleeve as the sleeve compresses. Please make sure to tell the clinician if you have any circulation deficits or adverse reactions to cold. Electrical Stimulation: 30-minute session Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is widely used by Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Physicians in sports medicine. Electrical stimulation is used to help decrease pain, reduce muscle spasm, or stimulate muscles before training. What to Expect: The clinician will first evaluate the area being treated with Electrical Stimulation. Next, they will place 2-4 electrodes on your skin and begin treatment. At first you will feel slight tingling in the area, similar to ants walking on your skin. The clinician will then adjust the intensity so that the tingling is strong but not painful. Please make sure to tell the clinician if you have a pacemaker. Recovery Boots: 30-minute session After training, the body may be flooded with the byproducts of muscle repair. The Recovery Boots system uses intermittent compression that forces excessive fluid built up in the extremities to be removed organically by the body’s lymphatic system. Recovery Boots can also be used before training to “wake up” muscles by increasing circulation and providing a massaging effect. What to Expect: The clinician will place you in a comfortable position lying on your back or sitting up. They will then place the Recovery Boots on and elevate your legs. The Recovery Boots will start to inflate at your feet and sequentially inflate up your leg. The Recovery Boots will then deflate and continue this process for the treatment time. After treatment the clinician will remove the boots and lower your legs back to a comfortable position. Please make sure to tell the clinician if you have any circulation deficits.

Cold Tub

Cold tubs have been used by professional athletes to help reduce soreness and swelling in the lower body or upper extremities associated with training for years. House of Athlete Recovery is equipped with four high-quality cold tubs that provide cryotherpay as well as hydro massage through turbines. What to Expect: Upon your arrival, Cold Tubs are filled with water and ice and can get as cold as 55 degrees. When first entering the cold tubs you will experience a feeling of numbness. Treatment will last no longer than 20 minutes. After treatment you will experience a feeling of rejuvenation in your muscles. Please make sure to tell the clinician if you have any circulation deficits or adverse reactions to cold.

In-Season Unlimited Packages

Just because your season has started doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to House of Athlete! Sign up for one of our In-Season Unlimited packages and pop in after practice to recover like the pros! Restoration $99/month (3-month commitment required)

  • Unlimited floor access (Hot packs, Ice packs, Ice cups, Foam rollers, TheraBands)
  • Unlimited access to recovery tools (Recovery Boots, GameReady, Electrical
  • Stimulation, Aqua Roll, Infrared Sauna, Cold Tubs)
  • Two 30 Minute Athletic Performance Stretching Sessions