Troy Jones is the founder of TZ Sports Performance MD – an athletic training company specializing in speed, power, strength, sports specific, position specific training, and athletic development. Troy is also the current director of athletic performance at House of Athlete, a training facility in South Florida with a similar setup. Troy’s result-driven training system was created with one purpose in mind…improving athletic performance!

Due to Troy’s innovative concepts of micro progressive development, athletes who have trained under his system have consistently reached the highest levels of competitive sports attainable. He has developed professional, collegiate, high school, amateur, and youth athletes for the past twenty years. Troy is regarded as a genius for his approach to athletic development by so many of his peers around the country. Troy is recognized as one of the leading sports performance enhancement experts in the United States and he holds certifications including: National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, the National Sports Performance Association – Certified Conditioning Specialist, International Sports Science Association – Specialist in Sports Conditioning, USA Track and Field – Level 2 Sprints), Certified Nike Trainer, and Human Movement Optimization Specialist.

Troy has trained a host of players currently on NFL rosters, and has trained hundreds of players who have signed professional contracts in various competitive sports including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NBDL, CFL, European Pro Basketball Leagues, and MLL.

Every year, Troy organizes Combine preparation training for scores of players selected each year in the NFL Draft, and has trained several 1stround picks over the last decade.

Troy created his program because he recognized a fundamental shortcoming of the speed programs and instruction in today’s cookie cutter training facilities. It takes less knowledge to simply tell and athlete to run than it does to instruct an athlete how to run. Troy felt that there needed to be more focus on identifying technical flaws, structural imbalances, and biomechanical inefficiencies. He then implemented and created programs that would improve neuromuscular efficiency and, in turn, performance. Troy’s thoughts were to teach athletes how to run faster and implement programming that will make them stronger and more powerful. As a result, TZ Sports Performance MD was born.

Some of the players that he has trained include:

Kyle Fuller – Bears
• Corey Fuller – Lions
• Ego Ferguson – Bears
• Tavon Austin – Rams
• Ricardo Silva – Lions
• Jason Murphy – Ravens
• Joel Gamble – Eagles
• Michael Oher – Ravens
• Torrey Smith – Ravens
• Arthur Jones – Colts
• Austin Howard – Raiders
• Courtney Bridget – Redskins
• Brandon Copeland – Ravens
• Gerrad Sheppeard – Ravens
• Terrance Cody – Ravens
• Doug McNeal – Seahawks
• Authur Brown – Ravens
• Ladarius Webb – Ravens
• Justin Wells – Panthers
• Tommy Breaux – Redskins
• Jason Goode – Redskins
• Terence Garvin – 49ers
• Blake Countess – Rams
• David Dean – Bengals
• Dorian O’Daniel – Chiefs
• Kendall Fuller – Chiefs
• Brandon Marshall – Saints
• Shaquill Griffin – Seahawks
• Shaquem Griffin – Seahawks
• Jermon Bushrod – Saints
• Jerome Baker – Dolphins
• Jordan Lucas – Chiefs
• Cam Phillips – Buffalo
• Dallas Thomas – Dolphins
• Taco Chalton – Cowboys
• AJ Hendy – Chargers
• Jarrod Wilson – Jaguars
• Alex Murphy – Orioles
• Megan Hinz – Michigan
• Rome Holley – Italy basketball
• Camonte Griffin – Argentina

“I can undoubtedly say that Troy Jones and TZ Sports took me from an average athlete to a professional one! All I brought to the table was a humble, hard-working attitude with a willingness to learn and Coach Troy brought knowledge and tools that helped to transform me! I ran a 4.75 40-yard dash at my pro-day in 2013, and after training with Coach Troy I ran a 4.51 40 at the NFL Veterans Combine in 2015. Because of Coach Troy I got a second chance in the NFL – because of Coach Troy I am living my dream today!”

-Brandon Copeland

Notice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will be temporarily closing our House of Athlete facility.
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