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April 18th, 2020

Use Isolation to Revive Your Tribe.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a thief. Let’s start there. First and foremost the coronavirus is tragically taking people’s lives, which means it’s also taking people away from the ones who love them. Other people are without access to food or their usual income that provides for their families. The list goes on.

Without taking away from the pain this illness is causing, we want to focus on a different list. So much of this is out of our control and completely unknown, but we all hold the power to stay committed to doing what’s best for each other.

We’re seeing it all over the world. Musicians are live streaming concerts to keep their fans company. Neighbors are singing on their balconies and getting creative with how to still play together. Friends are still hanging out through FaceTime. People are exposing loopholes to spend time together safely and smartly.

Your tribe needs you now, even if you feel further apart than ever.

Use this time of solitude to think about how you can contribute to your tribe’s solidarity.

Redefine. How have you been treating your tribe? Who have you been neglecting? How can you better serve those around you? The next time you’re sitting on the couch bored, write the answers to these kinds of questions down so you don’t forget once you’re able to stop isolating.

Re-evaluate. Maybe there’s a fracture that you’ve been ignoring because you’re too busy or the way life was moving along made it easy to let it go. Well, you have time now. Really look into each of your relationships. Is there something you feel like you need to apologize for? An issue that you haven’t brought up with somebody who hurt you, even if they didn’t mean it? This could also be as simple as texting your tribe that you’re grateful for them and all you’ve been through together.

Revive. Get creative! Write letters to people you love. Share healthy recipe ideas. Do a book club through FaceTime. Sign up for an at-home training program and keep each other accountable in a group chat. Relationships can get habitual, so break the cycle. Plan something new to try together after this quarantine.

Re-up. It might seem dumb or unneccessary, but it’s not. Make the conscious decision to keep investing in each other. Community is intentional. It doesn’t work when you aren’t all in. We will never get this time lost back, so don’t waste any more of it.

Remain by yourself for now. The easiest thing you can do for your tribe? Remain at home. Stay put. At least for now. Millions of people are self-isolating, using “social distancing,” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We’re inconveniencing ourselves to protect each other. Remember that when you’re tempted to ignore guidelines and go out anyway. By the time we’re allowed to return to a more regular lifestyle, you’ll be rejuvenated.

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