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Redefine Your Normal
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Mental fitness
Mental fitness
April 9th, 2020

Every day feels like it is being lived in a vacuum during this crisis. Time isn’t a trustworthy gauge. How much longer will this go on? No one knows. But there is a bigger question that each of us can definitively answer individually: what happens to my life when these restrictions are lifted?

We are all grasping for a sense of normalcy right now, a piece of what life used to be before the coronavirus spread rapidly across the U.S. The longer this goes on, the more we will get used to our new routines, our new workflow, our new communication methods. This will become our new normal because normal is adjusted to fit what we are used to, for better or worse.

The good news: normal is not one size fits all.

You have the power to redefine what your new normal can be. You can start over. Start by asking yourself these five questions and being brutally honest with yourself in your answers.

What should be left behind? What from your pre-pandemic life no longer serves you? What destructive habits were you buried in that you have been able to see clearer now?

What can I build on? There has been plenty of time for introspection over these last few weeks. Has anything been relit inside of you? An old idea, hobby, passion, relationship? A new idea, habit, goal? Don’t ignore it. Don’t waste the opportunity for good to come out of this. To grow from this.

What within me needs healing? Health has been the hot topic. People all over the world are suffering from the same thing—some more seriously than others—and that is not to be taken lightly. The problem is, it is totally out of our control. We have to turn inward. Focusing on the world’s collective suffering makes it easier to ignore what is hurting within you. What wounds have you been carrying around and neglecting? Tend to them. Stretch the definition of health to every corner of yourself. You can’t help others until you do.

What is my plan? Make a step-by-step guide toward something after this. Maybe it’s a nutritional plan and fitness goal. Maybe it’s finding a way to save money and plan a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe it means planning how to convert your passion into your career. Maybe it’s promising to keep making time for your family and friends after your usual hectic schedules resume. It can be as big or small as you want it to be.

What will I accept as my normal? We can’t provide any more direction here. This is all you. Reimagine your reality

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