Vegan Protein

$65.00 or subscribe and get 10% off

Vegan Protein

$65.00 or subscribe and get 10% off


  • Lean Muscle & Strength Gains*
  • Recovery & Nutrient Uptake*
  • Muscle Protein Synthesis*
  • Metabolism & Fat Loss*

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Athlete Within Vegan Protein

Athlete Within Vegan Protein contains three sources of 100% natural plant based proteins derived from Mung Bean, Pea, and Chickpea. Our formula is supported with digestive enzymes and cinnamon to promote nutrient uptake, counter bloating, heartburn and inflammation while soothing the gastrointestinal tract. Containing ZERO grams sugar, 1g fat and ZERO artificial ingredients, each serving provides 25g of bioavailable proteins and 5g each of naturally occurring BCAAs & glutamine. Athlete Within provides premium products tested for quality assurance and are trusted by professional athletes*.

Mix 1 scoop (25g protein) with 12 oz of liquid. Servings can be doubled or varied based upon the individual’s goals. We recommend healthy adults consume enough protein to meet daily requirements through both high protein foods and protein supplementation as part of a balanced diet and exercise program.


  • 100% All Natural*
  • All 9 Essential Amino Acids*
  • 5g Glutamine*
  • 5g Naturally Occurring BCAAs*
  • Digestive Enzymes & Cinnamon*
  • 25g Mung Bean, Pea and Chickpea Protein*
  • ZERO Sugar 1g fat and ZERO Artificial Ingredients*

Why Science Says Supplement Protein:
Supplementation is a practical way of ensuring intake of adequate protein quality and quantity, while minimizing overall caloric intake, particularly in individuals seeking the benefits of a high protein diet. (1)
Increasing dietary protein from the recommended daily allowance of 0.8g/kg can promote favorable changes in body composition such as muscle growth. Increasing it to 1.2–2.4 g/kg while restricting energy intake (30–40% reduction in energy intake) has been demonstrated to maximize the loss of fat tissue while also promoting the maintenance of muscle mass. (1)
Studies show that supplementing with highly bioavailable protein post workout can increase muscle protein synthesis, promote fat loss, minimize muscle damage, accelerate recovery and promote a healthy hormone balance. (1)
Our protein includes digestive enzymes and cinnamon to promote nutrient uptake, decrease bloating, heartburn and inflammation while soothing the gastrointestinal tract. (2) (3) (4)


1. Pea Protein
Pea Protein is an easily digested plant protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids. Pea protein is rich in iron, arginine, leucine, isoleucine and valine, promoting healthy blood flow, heart health, muscle growth and strength. (5)

2. Mung Bean Protein
Mung Bean is a plant species from the legume family. Mung bean protein is high in essential amino acids, most notably leucine, lysine and phenylalanine. (6) Mung bean protein is also high in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

3. Cocoa
Cocoa flavonoids exhibit significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating effects. (7) These flavonoids can promote a brighter mood and sharper mind by increasing blood flow to the brain. Cocoa has also been shown to increase the breakdown of fatty acids while also increasing metabolic processes and fatty acid oxidation, thus mitigating obesity. (6)

4. Protease (Digestive Enzymes)
Protease is a proteolytic (digestive) enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of proteins into smaller fragments called peptides and amino acids. Proteases regulate the utilization, localization and activity of many proteins, modulate protein-to-protein interactions, create new bioactive molecules, contribute to the processing of cellular information, and generate, transduce and amplify molecular signals. (8) As a direct result of these multiple actions, proteases influence DNA replication and transcription, cell proliferation and differentiation, tissue morphogenesis and remodeling, heat shock and unfolded protein responses, angiogenesis, neurogenesis, ovulation, fertilization, wound repair, stem cell mobilization, hemostasis, blood coagulation, inflammation, immunity, autophagy, senescence, necrosis and apoptosis. (8) We include protease primarily to help increase uptake and digestion of large quantities of protein, promote protein activity and maximize the benefits of supplementing with protein.


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