Fat Loss Bundle – Whey

$135.00 or subscribe and get 10% off

Fat Loss Bundle – Whey

$135.00 or subscribe and get 10% off

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Athlete Within Fat Loss Bundle – Whey

Our Athlete Within Fat Loss Bundle features our Fat Burner, Detox and Whey Protein. After breakfast promote healthy weight loss, fat-oxidation, metabolism, energy expenditure, thermogenesis and mitochondrial efficiency with our Fat Burner. Unlike other fat burners our products are not stimulant based, but instead utilize natural plant based ingredients to support the mobilization and use of stored body fat as energy. Following lunch or dinner support digestive health, cleanse your body and counter bloating with our Detox. Utilize one of our Protein formulas to promote metabolism, fat loss, nutrient uptake, balanced hormone levels, muscle preservation, and the benefits from a high protein diet. Athlete Within provides premium products tested for quality assurance and are trusted by professional athletes.

Having a high body fat percentage is associated with many health complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular stress, heart issues, diseases, and even some cancers.

Increasing dietary protein from the recommended daily allowance of 0.8g/kg can promote favorable changes in body composition such as muscle growth. Increasing it to 1.2–2.4 g/kg while restricting energy intake (30–40% reduction in energy intake) has been demonstrated to maximize the loss of fat tissue while also promoting the maintenance of muscle mass. (1)*

Bundle Recommendation: (Full Directions Are Listed On Product)

Supplement Normal: 1 Serving/Daily Max: 2 Servings/Daily
Fat Burner After Breakfast or Lunch After Breakfast & Lunch
Detox After Lunch or Dinner After Lunch & Dinner
Protein Immediately Post Workout or In Between Meals Immediately Post Workout & In Between Meals

1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5477153/

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