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Supplement Injections
Vitamin D

Known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth, support the immune system, regenerate the brain and nervous system, and helps protect against chronic conditions such as diabetes and depression.

Amino Acid

Boosts athletic performance, increases muscle mass, enhances weight loss, and improves mood.

Super B

Energy, IBS fatigue & mood boost.

This combination of three B-12 forms cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin is known for preventing memory loss and improving concentration, as well as boosting energy levels. B-12 is a vitamin that is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and the formation of blood.

MIC (Skinny Shot)

Weight loss boost.

This lipotropic injection contains concentrated fat burning amino acids which are naturally produced by the body. These chemicals help to remove toxins and waste from the liver, prevent cholesterol build-up, and metabolize fat.


Pharmaceutical grade compounded caffeine. Used as a stimulant of mind and body. Known to improve energy and relieve headaches.


Mental focus, skin brightener, anti-aging, and athletic endurance.

Drip Card

Workout smarter. Aminos, B vitamins and caffeine will ensure you have the best workouts, decreased downtime, improved endurance, and mental focus.


Prevent and Recover. Boost your immune system with a combination of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, antioxidants and essential nutrients to fight off the common cold, other viruses and give your body an extra boost of energy.

Mental Fitness

Restore and Reset. Replenish essential vitamins and energy-producing nutrients to feel rejuvenated and enhance mental clarity.

Myers' Cocktail

Restore your body’s balance. Multiple B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamin C make this infusion one of the most popular to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue, migraines, leaky gut, muscle spasms, stress, and more.


Recover and Reload. Everything your muscles need to decrease soreness and improve recovery time: electrolytes, antioxidants, super B-12, and anti-inflammatory.

Micronutrient Testing

All diagnostic services include consultation with a licensed physician. The best way to know if you’re running on empty is to take a micronutrient test. This basic blood test measures the function of 33 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within your white blood cells.

Scientific evidence shows us that analyzing the white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of a body’s deficiencies.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A food sensitivity blood test measures your IgG reactivity levels for different kinds of food, using a small sample of blood. High IgG reactivity for a certain food indicates there is a possibility that particular food may be involved with causing your symptoms.

Certain foods can make you feel unwell, regardless of how healthy they are. They may trigger several food sensitivity symptoms, such as headaches, digestive issues, joint pain, or skin problems. It can be tricky to figure out which foods are the culprits, as food sensitivity reactions. Often are delayed by a few hours or longer after eating the foods.

Wellness Panel

A Wellness Panel contains 27 important tests to determine overall wellness, includes Comprehensive Metabolic Panel with eGFR, Lipid Profile (cholesterol), Fluid and Electrolytes, Uric Acid, Sodium, Calcium and more.

IV Drip 500ml
IV Drip 1000ml


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