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Physical health comes first, but…
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Mental fitness
Mental fitness
March 17th, 2020

Physical health comes first during the coronavirus outbreak, but our mental fitness can’t be overlooked.

How we look at mental fitness is being redefined. Under normal circumstances, people suffer from feeling anxious and isolated. Now, social distancing is encouraged to protect us. We’re being told not to gather in groups of 50 people for the next eight weeks, so feelings of anxiety and isolation are intensified because we are literally isolated.

Mental fitness is one of five pillars needed (along with train, fuel, recover and tribe) to unlock your full potential. Mental fitness means training your mind so you can perform at your very best. So what happens when things out of your control are clouding your vision and weighing you down? Focus on what’s right in front of you.

Here are five tips that will help keep your mind mentally fit and strong against overwhelming outside noise.

Control your internal narrative. You’re going to be spending more time by yourself. Re-evaluate your thoughts and feelings, and how they affect your actions. How are you talking to yourself? What are you thinking about yourself?

Do that thing you’ve been putting off. Read that book. Start creating, drawing, writing, sketching, training, whatever it is you have always wanted to do but been procrastinating. Stimulate your mind.

Show compassion. Maybe you are someone who has had anxiety before this. Maybe you have never struggled with anxiety but feel it now because the coronavirus’ unknowns have everybody on edge. Whatever it is, don’t beat yourself up for feeling what you’re feeling. Be kind to yourself and to other people while we all try to navigate uncharted territory.

Stay connected. Chances are your tribe is feeling a lot of the same things you are. Call them. Text them. Message them. Talk about what’s happening with the coronavirus pandemic. Or just talk about what you’re bingeing on Netflix. Doesn’t matter, just stay connected. Use this time to cherish your tribe. Really listen to them and trust them to do the same for you.

…But remember to rest. Don’t pressure yourself to stay on high alert 24/7. Everybody wants to stay on top of the latest coronavirus updates, but it’s also good to unplug sometimes. If you feel your anxiety spiking every time you hit refresh, walk away. Get some rest. Sleep is crucial to maintaining a strong immune system.

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